World Veterinary Day Message

“Essential” – basic, indispensable, necessary. This year’s theme, ” Veterinarians are Essential Health Worker” speaks to that basic, indispensable role that our profession plays
in the global healthcare system. Veterinarians occupy a crucial space in the public health ecosystem. By ensuring the health and well-being of animals that are close companions, part of food production system, or are a part of the natural environment, veterinary expertise is vital to human, animal and environmental health. From the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, maintaining food security to the prevention of the transmission of illnesses from animals to humans. 

Veterinarians were involved at many levels in ensuring that the world emerged safely from the Covid 19 pandemic. However, our role was not recognized equally across the globe and veterinarians struggled in many countries to prove the nature of this essential role in their communities. If we are to embrace and advance the tenets of the One Health philosophy and ensure that the world is better prepared and protected from future pandemics and can address the challenges of global crises such as climate change, our critical work must be recognized and highlighted. The international community of veterinarians must continue to lobby at local, national, regional and international levels to ensure that our role as essential health workers is noted and enshrined in legislation. 

Let us continue to make this intrinsic contribution to our communities as we continue to safeguard animal health, which in turn protects human health, the food supply and the
integrity of our environment. 

Happy World Vet Day 2024 to all across the Commonwealth and the World.

Sarah Wilkinson-Eytle DVM
Commonwealth Veterinary Association

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