CVA Training Programmes, Workshops & Seminars

The Training Programmes, Workshops and Seminars organised by the Commonwealth Veterinary Association have long-term benefits, both at the local as well as regional level. These are planned in such a way that the local veterinarians as well as those from adjacent countries benefit immensely from the visits of skilled veterinarians from within that region. Similarly, the visits of veterinarians from developing countries to these programmes in the developed countries also assist in a similar way.

Upcoming Events

Event titleKarachi, Pakistan12/11/2023
Event titleDili, East Timor14/12/2023
Event titleColombo, Sri Lanka01/04/2024
Event titleLondon, United Kingdom22/01/2024
Event titleMelbourne, Australia15/03/2024

Previous Events

Asian Regional Conference, Bangalore, India

Australasia/Oceania Regional Conference, Samoa

ECS Regional Meting and Conference, Kampala, Uganda

Grass Cutter Training Workshop, Ghana

Training of Pastoral Women in Magadi Division of Kenya on Livestock Management

Massai Women Administering Paraffin in the Ear of a Goat That had Heartwater Disease
KWVA Member Appraising Livestock Disease at Community Level
MASSAI Girls Selling Milk in an Open Market
Massai Women Near Mobile Pharmacy During a Market Day
KWVA Member with MASSAI Girls interested in Veterinary Profession

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