CVA Small Projects Fund

To facilitate the CVA aims and objectives, an annual allocation of funds will be made available to applicants who have veterinary or paraveterinary study requirements that meet the key selection criteria outlined in the application form. Study costs up to the value of $AUS 5000.00 will be considered. A detailed report describing the completed study/course, associated outcomes and acquittal of funds will be required at the conclusion of each financial year in which the study/course is undertaken.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted from applicants whose country of origin is a current financial member of the CVA. Applications must be approved by the applicant’s country CVA councillor on behalf of the country professional organization prior to submission to the CVA executive committee.

Application Form

Previous & ongoing CVA Projects

  • Training of Women Dairy Farmers in Muthanallur Village of India

  • Capacity building for veterinary undergraduate education in Chittagong Veterinary College, Bangladesh

  • Establishment of Goat Production Unit at Women’s Group in the village of Chikwanji in Choma, Zambia

  • Training of Pastoral women in Magadi division of Kenya on livestock management. A project of Kenya Women Veterinary Association

  • National Rabies Campaign in Uganda

  • Stray Dog Problem in the Pacific Islands

  • Training of Sri Lanka undergraduates/Veterinary Professionals in Veterinary Surgery

  • Training in sustainable poultry production in Zambia


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