Aim & Objectives

  • To promote within the Commonwealth the interests of the Veterinary and Allied Sciences

  • To maintain the honour and traditions of the profession

  • To facilitate the dissemination of professional knowledge and information

  • To encourage the creation of a National Veterinary Association in any Commonwealth member country where none exists

  • To promote interchange between its members

  • To encourage the creation of statutory bodies to regulate the study and practice of veterinary science in member countries where none exist

  • To promote animal health and welfare, animal production and veterinary public health within the Commonwealth

  • Such other purposes as from time to time may be considered desirable by the Association

  • To promote the role of veterinarians in emerging fields such as aquaculture, etc.

  • Promote partnership linkages and collaborative activities between like-minded bodies

  • To Encourage assistance of developing countries by the developed countries

  • To effect the closest possible links between Member Associations


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