Thoughts of our incoming President, Dr Olatunji Nasir of Nigeria

Dear Colleagues,

Let me welcome you to our reality as an organization. The CVA, which binds us together, comes with a rich history, governed by respectable individuals right from her inception and has a vision which forms the basis of our collective aspirations.

Over the years, men and women at the service of this commonwealth have dedicated their lives, time and resources to place us on the platform that we graciously stand today. Truly, their services shall not go in vain.

As I lead a new Executive Committee from today, let me assure members all over the globe that, the CVA is about to don a new gown in her quest to reposition her ideals in line with the expectations of the 21st century.

This can only be achieved if we all embrace change and re-situate our mindsets. Would we demolish structures? NO! We would strengthen them. Would we abandon agreements and MOUs? NO! We would reinforce them and make them more workable. What about our programmes? “Our ways” of doing things? Do they need to be tweaked? Of course, we shall do what we need to do to project the image of our association to the wider world.

Our unique transition module has not robbed us of the wisdom and ingenuity of our past leaders, they are still part of the new team and we shall not hesitate to drink from their well of experiences.

Let me thank Peter and the Executive Committee for the good job and the beautiful experiences they provided,

Rahman and his amiable wife, for their inexplicable selfless services and every other member of that lovely Exco for their sacrifices.

Once again, welcome to our new reality.

Olatunji Nasir
President CVA