Samoan veterinarian visits Australia through the CVA study fund

Dr Renee Orange of Samoa recently visited Australia for one month through the CVA study fund during which she visited small and large animal veterinary clinics, a commercial piggery, and a veterinary laboratory. Benny Hill commented that he had learnt as much from Renee as she had from him. Tanya Stephens commented that she had come to take many things for granted that vets in other parts of the world would regard almost as luxuries. Renee brought back new knowledge to use in her veterinary career and a more mature view of the challenges that we face as veterinarians every day. She was inspired by the veterinarians and vet nurses she worked with to not only continue striving for excellence in our work, but to remember that building relationships is key. Caring about people is important, no matter what post you hold. The great thing is that everyone she met is now a colleague she can contact for advice on a wide range of conditions that come her way. Thank you to her hosts Tanya Stephens, Jeff Cave, Benny and Michelle Hill, David Hall, and Grant, Ian, Christina, Mark and Jacek at Agribio for making Renee’s visit such a success.