Rural Poultry Centre in Malawi

Rural Poultry Centre Volunteers Program

The Rural Poultry Centre (RPC) in Malawi want to use local volunteers, people living in Malawi, to undertake short term assignments which are important for village poultry. In a nutshell, this program will assist in the personal development of those volunteers, while at the same time filling some gaps which will assist RPC, government and other institutions to better address the needs of rural poultry owners. If it can get going, it will be a big success. The RPC have tried to give a clear description of some of the volunteer assignments which it thinks are important. The RPC hope to enable maximum flexibility and opportunity for input by those people who wish to assist it financially. They will be able to focus their support on activities which they see as desirable.

We won’t bore you with more details here. There is more in the article on the RPC’s website so please have a look when you get time. And if you think this is a good idea and can pledge a bit of support (Australian tax deductible), please do give it some thought.

Enough of that. Together with their friends at Kyeema, the RPC are planning other initiatives over the next few months.