Recipes of the World – from Nigeria

Bole And Fish

Bole is grilled plantain served with sauce.


• Plantain (unripe, half ripe or ripe)
• Fish
• Palm oil
• Fresh tomatoes
• Fresh pepper
• Seasoning cubes
• Onions
• Ginger
• Salt


1. Preparing the sauce:
• Half grind the bowl of fresh tomatoes and fresh pepper, small ginger and onions.
• Separate into two parts. One part for the sauce, the other part for marinating the fish.
• Boil the sauce portion in a pot until it is dry.
• Add palm oil, seasoning cubes and salt to taste.
• Heat together for few minutes.
2. Grill plantain and marinated fish.
3. Serve bole (grilled plantain), with sauce and grilled fish. Serve hot.