CVA Book Program Finds a New Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jim Connah of Hobart, Tasmania is the new coordinator of the CVA book program. The CVA book program is one of the CVA’s longest running, most successful programs.

Books are donated by veterinarians in Australia and New Zealand, all of whom are thanked for their generosity, without which the program would not exist. The books are available for distribution free of charge to graduate veterinarians in CVA member countries in good standing. Because of budgetary constraints and steeply rising mailing costs, the number of books which can be shipped is normally restricted to up to 20 titles for institutions, and up to 5 titles for individual veterinarians in any one year. Individual veterinarians are encouraged to share their books with colleagues in their area if possible.

Requests for books should include the locations, box numbers and titles of the books, along with the mailing address to which the books should be sent. It is suggested that those wishing to submit a request should first obtain a copy of the current inventory of books available by contacting Dr. Connah at Shipments are made by surface mail, and may take several months to reach their destination. The recipients are requested to acknowledge the safe arrival of their books.

The current inventory in Australia and New Zealand comprises nearly 700 books with over 500 different titles. Most of the books were published during the last 20 years; older texts, for which more recent editions are available, are discarded each year. Most areas of veterinary medicine are covered.

Please let the veterinarians in your respective countries know of the CVA book program to enable them to benefit from the opportunities that it may bring.