Meet the United Kingdom’s new CVA Councillor, Dr Laura Bowen

I am a private practitioner in England based in the semi-rural area of Bucks between London and Oxford. I live with my daughter who is currently studying Economics and Politics at Exeter University.

I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1984. Having worked in mixed cattle, horse and small animal work for 25 years I have become a predominantly small animal vet for the last 10 years. I have built up my own practice from a 2 vet to 14 vet practice over the last 25 years.

My home is an old ‘pub’ made of flint and I share it with two dogs and a 3 legged cat with my daughter’s horse on a farm down the road.

I enjoy all sports, but tennis was always my main passion. I listen to a variety of music and especially jazz and soul but cannot reproduce a note in tune myself!

My aim is to increase awareness of the Commonwealth veterinary activities within the UK vet community. I may need a little help on the technological front being a dyed in the wool technophobe for many years. My interest in the rest of the world began at vet school when I became involved in the International Veterinary Students Association and has continued across the decades despite being in conventional general practice in the UK. I love the fact that vets are similar people whatever their nationality with similar aims, ambitions and passions and always with camaraderie and a touch of humour!