CVA President

Incoming CVA Executive Meet in Sydney

The incoming CVA executive consisting of President elect Dr Peter Thornber, Treasurer elect Dr Deb Kirton, Program Manager elect Dr Jeff Cave and current President Dr Abdul Rahman recently meeting at the Australian Veterinary Association office in Sydney to discuss plans for the CVA going forward.

As a group, the incoming CVA executive are working with the catch cry that in going forward the CVA will be “relevant and visible” to all veterinarians throughout the commonwealth.

The programs the CVA plans to concentrate on are:

  1. On-line CPD. The CVA is already making good use of the WVA Education Network. The CVA also plans to make use of other CPD providers as opportunities arise through its existing collaboration with organisations such as World Animal Protection and the development of collaboration with other organisations, as well as through a network of web links on the CVA web page.  In time we hope webinars, Skype conferencing, and on-line discussion groups will become part of the CVA’s CPD program. The accessibility and promotion of these programs to all veterinarians with internet access will be the key to their success.
  2. Its existing programs such as the CVA study fund for short term study abroad, the guest lectureship program in bringing a lecturer to a country for short term CPD delivery, and the CVA book program which will be extended to include e-books as well as donated veterinary supplies. These programs will be given a greater emphasis than in the past although naturally the onus will be on the potential recipient in requesting them.
  3. The facilitation of disaster relief as seen in the recent example where Nepal made very good use of the CVA in telling the world of its plight and in requesting assistance.
  4. The CVA’s communications through an update of its website in the near future, social media, e-newsletter and general communications strategy. By doing this the CVA should become accessible to nearly all veterinarians throughout the commonwealth.

We expect regional conferences and pan Commonwealth conferences will remain a feature of the CVA’s activities although more with the purpose of aligning with other organisations and more for the attendance of high performing country councillors since by their nature conferences can be expensive activities without a great return on their investment. We would hope that Skype conferencing will increase the ability for councillors to interact without the costs involved in transport and accommodation.

So that gives a summary of what the CVA is planning to offer. From there the onus is on potential recipients to make SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) requests.