FMD Wreaks Havoc in Southern African States

Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries have in the recent months been hard hit by an outbreak of FMD. The infection in Zambia spread to previously uninfected areas and the vets have had a tough time containing the disease. Stock movement and export bans of meat are currently at play in most countries.

In Malawi, ED-Grant Ndoza reported that Government said it had committed K400 million towards the fight against the FMD outbreak in Mzimba District.

Deputy Director of Animal Health and Field Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security, Dr. Gilson Njunga, disclosed the development in the district when he briefed stakeholders on the ban of the sale of goats, sheep and pigs and their products such as meat.

Njunga said his office intends to vaccinate 80,000 cattle against the disease soon.

“We are planning to vaccinate 80,000 cattle as a way of responding to the crisis. This will, however, depend on how soon we establish the type of the virus which causes the disease.

“This will help us to buy the appropriate vaccine,” said Njunga.

The deputy director said no matter how serious the disease is, government cannot risk buying the vaccine before establishing the type of the virus which is linked to the disease. (Source: