CVA Disaster

Disaster in Dominica

On 27 August, Tropical Storm Erika hit Dominica killing at least 31 people and leaving a mass of destruction in its wake.

Dr Reginald Thomas, CVA Councillor for Dominica, has reported that substantial losses of livestock including cattle, sheep and goats has occurred. Furthermore, a section of the island involving in excess of 300 homes has been left uninhabitable. As a result, the people from those areas have been forced to evacuate leaving their animals trapped in those areas.

Dr Thomas requested that in the short to medium term veterinary equipment and supplies are needed to help serve the affected areas. He felt that Dominica has a sufficient number of personnel to deal with the situation. Access into affected areas is being coordinated with assistance from the police.

Dr Thomas is our best point of contact in Dominica to coordinate this response. Dr Thomas’ email address is and his postal address to where supplies and other donations can be sent is:

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