CVA Program Manager

CVA Australian and New Zealand Interest Group Created

We are pleased to announce that a CVA Australian and New Zealand interest group has been created with already over 40 members.

Some of the activities in which the group could potentially be involved include:

  • The addition of veterinary equipment and supplies to the already existing CVA book program. Like veterinary textbooks, there is an abundance of unused veterinary equipment and supplies in developed countries such as Australia, which would be gratefully received in the developing world.
  • The use of the internet for the provision of CPD, the use of webinars, the formation of discussion groups, the use of social media, and to enhance communications.
  • The hosting of a veterinarian through the CVA study fund or the giving of expertise through the CVA guest lectureship program.
  • and any other ideas or special interests group members may have which may assist veterinarians and/or animal health and welfare throughout the commonwealth.

This will hopefully lead to a range of small CVA projects, which is part of our vision for the CVA to be relevant and visible to all veterinarians in the commonwealth. Therefore, we welcome you to identify small projects in your respective countries and regions and provide the following information to Dr Jeff Cave in your request:

  • The name of the person or organisation who will benefit
  • The specific item(s) or support that is requested
  • The reason the item(s) or support are needed
  • and when the item(s) or support are received a brief report with photographs is submitted for possible inclusion in the CVA e-newsletter, Facebook page and/or website.