Cook Islands receives much needed veterinary supplies from the CVA

The Cook Islands, like many other Pacific Island nations, has difficulty in accessing and funding the acquisition of commonly used veterinary supplies. To help alleviate this situation, with the help of Dr Jim Connah the CVA book program coordinator, the CVA donated a requested list of supplies to the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture for use in treating livestock on the main island of Rarotonga and the outer islands of the Cook Islands.

Judging by Mr Tiria Rere, the Cook Islands Director of Livestock’s response this small and simple act had a profound effect. Mr Rere wrote “Kia Orana from the Cook Islands, Alleluijah!!! Thank you God, This is a New Year’s Blessings to the livestock keepers here in the Cook Islands…. Our deepest gratitude to you and Jim for the hard work in securing some much needed drugs for our animals. You know, just 2 days ago, we finished our last drop of Noromectin, in fact we didn’t have enough to inject the rest of the pigs.”

It often doesn’t take much to make a big difference.