Commonwealth Veterinary Association Book Program Annual Report 2015-16

In July 2015, I took over the administration of the CVA Book Program from Dr Jeff Cave. With much valuable advice and support from him, the transfer was easy, the most difficult part being the shipping of books from Wodonga to Hobart. There are now well over 600 books in storage, selections of which are regularly sent to veterinarians overseas. There are also new donations that come from time to time.

My greatest challenge continues to be how to get books to Hobart. I have instituted a number of ways to make it easier for vets to donate, without having to pay postage to me:

  1. Vetshare is acting as a drop off point in Sydney and Canberra and will then transfer books to me;
  2. Zebravet is doing the same in Melbourne;
  3. Jenny Cumming at the AVA (Vic. Branch) is also a drop off point in Melbourne, and she will transfer them to Zebravet;
  4. I have family members in Armidale and Wagga Wagga who will also act as depots and bring them down when they visit;
  5. Many of the LLA Vets in NSW are wiling to act as depots, and will transfer them to Wagga at group meetings; and
  6. Jeff Cave is still happy to take books at Wodonga.

I am very grateful to all these people for their help, but especially Zebravet and Vetshare, who are donating significant freight costs.

Books have been sent all over the Commonwealth in the last 12 months. The countries involved include: Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Nepal, Trinidad & Tobago, the Cayman Islands and Timor Leste. So far all books have arrived safely, and the recipients have been very grateful.

I look forward to continuing to serve in this role. If anyone has any donations or questions, please email me first at or ring on 0459 771972.