Australasia Oceania CVA Regional Conference in Timor Leste

The Timor Leste Veterinary Medical Association, in conjunction with CVA, hosted an international conference with a focus on animal health, epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis. Other major supporters were the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia and the Crawford Fund.

CVA offered financial support in the form of sponsorship of the conference dinner and supported the attendance of Australian CVA councillor and treasurer, Dianne Phillips. Other Pacific Island attendees were supported by DFAT and/or sponsorship from the Crawford Fund.

The conference program ran for two days (Tues and Wed 14 -15 March 2023), followed by a workshop program on Thursday 15 March. A CVA regional meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon.

The conference dinner was attended by His Excellency and Nobel Peace Laureate, Mr Jose Ramos Horta, other government staff and the Ambassador from Australia.

There were three workshops held on the final day of the conference: Epidemiology, Pig Nutrition and LAMP (laboratory testing platform) demonstration.