Appreciation for the CVA Book Programme

Message of Appreciation from Dr Herbert Muganwa of Uganda to Dr Jim Connah, CVA Book Programme Coordinator:

Hello Jim,

I hope you are in good health.

I am very grateful for the CVA book program for it has enabled my practice to improve the delivery of veterinary services in my city and the country.

I am a beneficiary of the book program, and thanks to the diverse topics covered, there has been an improvement in service delivery, which is evidenced by the growth of the practice’s footprint to an area of over 50 Km².
In 2005, the practice was selected by the national university for the hands on training of veterinary students in small animal veterinary practice. To date, at least 50 students from multiple animal health institutions have passed through the practice, and the books are a great tool for the students to consult, refresh or discover alternative protocols.

To me, the CVA book program is a seed that has sprouted into the advancement of animal health and welfare, especially in the small animal practice.

I have shared some images of past students training at the practice over the years. These students have benefited from the books availed by the program.

I and other veterinary practitioners, past, present and in-coming, are very appreciative of the service rendered.

Thank you.