About Us

Our History

The Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) was founded in 1967. Membership is open to National Veterinary Associations of Commonwealth member countries. Currently the CVA has 54 full members with each member association being represented on a Regional Council by a Councillor elected by the member association. Other non-Commonwealth countries are in the process of seeking associate membership. There are six regions representing Asia, Australasia/Oceania, Canada/Caribbean, East, Central and Southern Africa, West Africa and UK/ Mediterranean. Each Regional Council elects for a four-year term, a Regional Representative who becomes a member of Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for running the affairs of the Association. As well as the six Regional Representatives there are also a Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Director and an Editor JCVA, under the Chairmanship of the President.

Mission Statement

The Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) is made up of the Commonwealth Veterinary Associations or approved bodies of the most Commonwealth Countries.

“The Mission of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association is to promote the veterinary profession within the Commonwealth by encouraging the highest professional standards of education, ethics and service in order to advance animal health, productivity and welfare so as to improve the quality of life of all its peoples.”

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote within the Commonwealth the interests of the Veterinary and Allied Sciences
  • To maintain the honour and traditions of the profession
  • To facilitate the dissemination of professional knowledge and information
  • To encourage the creation of a National Veterinary Association in any Commonwealth member country where none exists
  • To promote interchange between its members
  • To encourage the creation of statutory bodies to regulate the study and practice of veterinary science in member countries where none exist
  • To promote animal health and welfare, animal production and veterinary public health within the Commonwealth
  • Such other purposes as from time to time may be considered desirable by the Association
  • To promote the role of veterinarians in emerging fields such as aquaculture, etc.
  • Promote partnership linkages and collaborative activities between like-minded bodies
  • To Encourage assistance of developing countries by the developed countries
  • To effect the closest possible links between Member Associations