3rd Small Animal Veterinary Association of Nigeria (SAVAN) Conference

Veterinarians in Nigeria are keen on expanding their practice frontiers and optimising delivery of veterinary services to their patients and clients. In this vein, the 3rd SAVAN Conference was held in the country’s capital, Abuja on June 26-28, 2019.

Small Animal Veterinary Association, SAVAN, is interested in standardising the Small Animal Practice in Nigeria, to improve healthcare and welfare service delivery to companion animals.

The love for animals amongst Nigerians has been underrated. Besides breeder’s associations, there are more pet lovers groups springing up with increasing demands on veterinarians. There is therefore need to step up on the companion animal welfare drive, aside the regular attention on livestock.

The 3rd SAVAN Conference was a mixture of quality lectures from seasoned speakers, workshops and wet-lab for hands on practical sessions. Student were not left out, as they are the future of the profession.